Each year we expect to welcome 2-4 foals to our farm!
With smaller numbers, we believe that health and quality of life is essential. We take the time and care for each foal from day one, they receive hands on training to start developing strong trust with us and eventually you.
Then at around 5 months old, we begin to wean them and prepare them for their transition to their new home with you!

Dream Makers Mirage has 3 foals coming in 2019
Future Stars

YM Double Chocolate
We hope you find      your next star on  
                                   Yellow Medicine               Boulevard!

​YM Making Magic
YM Spectacular Sioux 
Yellow Medicine Appaloosas
YM Elcat Mystical Pearl
YM Chocolate Teardrop
YM Oaks Storm Twister
YM Secret Memory
YM Chocolate Teardrop
YM Still Reigning
YM Reigning Rockledge
Tennessee  Rain PL
YM  Stillwind n Stormy
YM Leopard Booty Call
YM Eclat Mystical Pearl
YM Chocolate Latte
YM Laced in Chocolate
YM Dancing in Snow
YM Reigning Zeus
YM Solar Flair Shadaya
YM Ghostly Echo
​YM Chocolate Moon Pie
Bittersweet Blizzard: April13, black leopard filly
YM Harliquin Romance
YM Reigning Mintaka
YM Making A Masterpiece
YM Reigns Finale
NAD Gitane: May 15, buckskin leopard filly
YM Making A Martini
YM Jamaica Me Crazy 
​Danish Chocklate:  April 15, black leopard filly
YM Making A Sweet Lady  (SOLD)
YM Waps Black Confetti      (SOLD)

YM Arabella Navajo   (SOLD)